My name is Jim Pfister, and I am the owner of Pfister Sprinkler Systems Inc.  I was introduced to irrigation while earning my degree from Purdue University.  Upon graduating I worked in the construction industry until I had the opportunity to start Pfister Sprinkler Systems. The success of my business has allowed it to grow immensely over the years, spanning a region from the Lakes area in northern Indiana to Ohio.  We also have expanded from residential irrigation to commercial systems, snow plowing, lighting, and much more.  The success of Pfister Sprinklers is not possible without the entire team of employees here.  Our office personnel , installation crews, and servicemen are always working to provide fast, efficient services.

As a company we work with builders, landscapers, and you the home/business owner.  I am proud to say each system our company installs is tailored to your landscape needs, resulting in lush green lawns, beautiful flower beds, and one of a kind lighting displays.  Educating you on the latest water saving technology is always at the fore front of our company.

Pfister Sprinkler Systems strives to be the best choice for you irrigation and lighting needs.  We are proud to offer efficient, reliable, and customer centered service.

Thank you for your interest in Pfister Sprinkler Systems.  We look forward to working with you.

Jim Pfister